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Welcome to NZ Moisture Testing - Auckland


New Zealand Moisture Testing Limited was established in 2010 to fulfill the need for certified, objective assessments of moisture intrusion in residential and commercial buildings within the greater Auckland Region.


Because signs and symptoms are not always visible most homeowners are not aware that moisture intrusion is occurring until it has escalated to a considerable problem. Our thermal image moisture inspection can help you identify areas where moisture ingress is occurring at potentially early stages. This service could save you a lot on your energy bills and make your home healthier, warmer and more comfortable for you or your tenants. If moisture intrusion is ignored it can lead to a range of problems that can be structurally damaging, costly to repair and in some instances detrimental to your health.


  • Our inspectors are reliable, experienced and qualified ITC Level 2 Thermographers.
    They are also certified Meth Solutions meth samplers. 
  • We carry an extensive kit of equipment with market leading technology. Our inspectors use only FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras and the latest TROTEC wood and concrete moisture meters. 
  • Our inspections are thorough and totally non-invasive; providing you with accurate and reliable results without doing any damage to the building.
  • Our reports provide vital information detailing excess moisture ingress and can be used as pre-purchase inspections, a pre-sale marketing tool, or simply a home maintenance reference for home owners. 


NZ Moisture Testing Ltd inspectors don’t fix leaks, aren’t builders and don’t manage or sell houses. You can be certain that we are focused solely on giving you an honest, unbiased and accurate evaluation of any moisture issues that may exist in your building; no strings attached.


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0800 NZ MOISTURE (0800 696647)