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What Is The Inspection Process?


Quote / Booking

You are welcome to call us 7 days a week from 7am – 9pm. We will provide you a free quote over the phone based on the size and location of your home. At this point, we can discuss the type of inspection required; i.e. do you have one area of concern or will the whole house need to be tested?

You can also decide the extent of the report; i.e. written or verbal. A written report is suitable as a pre-purchase inspection, pre-sale marketing tool, or for those who require documentation to pass on to banks or tradesman etc. Verbal reports can be helpful for those who suspect a specific leak, need piece of mind after repairs or clients who are buying at auction and don’t want to commit to a full written report. We will then take your details and arrange a time to carry out the inspection. 


At The Inspection

While we prefer to meet with clients on site, we understand that this is not always possible so we are happy to meet with real estate agents, tenants, or be let in. However, clear access to the whole building is essential to do a thorough house inspection. We need to be able to check all the usual areas of concern, areas with obvious visual signs as well as unsuspected areas with no previous concern or signs of moisture damage.

The inspection for an average sized home will take approximately 1.5 hours, with a full Thermal Image Moisture Report back to you within 24 hours.

The inspection is fully internal and all information is gathered from inside the building. We pride ourselves on being thorough and inspect your home one room at a time, one wall at a time. We document findings for each and every room as we go. 

We take a three level approach with all inspections;

  • Thermal Imaging Camera: This infrared camera is able to visually show any temperature variance and thermal anomalies.
  • Moisture Meters: This non-invasive probe tests from the surface to indicate the moisture content and distribution up to 40mm deep. We have meters for testing Wood/GIB and Concrete.
  • Thermo Hydrometer: This device provides data relating to the environmental conditions, such as, air temperature and relative humidity.




You will be issued an invoice at the time of the inspection (or this can be emailed if you won’t be present). Payment is usually made by direct debit into our bank account prior to the inspection being carried out. Cheques and cash will also be accepted on the day. We now offer a BNZ Pay Clip service which will allow you to pay by Credit Card on site (all transactions will incur an additonal 2% fee). The report will be released once payment is recieved. 



Once we have completed the inspection, we will discuss our findings with you in a way in which you understand and will notify you of anything to consider in the future. Depending on your needs we will then take the information away to compile a report that will be emailed to you. The report is only released once we have received payment.

A full written report will highlight any areas of concern. It will include digital and thermal images, moisture indications, internal temperature and humidity readings for each room of the building. 

If we have indicated areas that require further investigation we will explain why and what can be done, for example, invasive probe tests or removal of wall linings. We are happy to come out after any repairs have been carried out to undertake a re-check and ensure any problem areas have been suitably fixed.

Your report will be kept on file with us in case you need it in the future. You, our client will be the only person who sees the report; we will not release a report to any third party, what you do with it after you receive it is totally up to you. However, we are more than happy to discuss our findings with trade’s people at your request.




Contract Terms & Conditions