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Who Benefits From An Inspection?


Buying A Home? Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection.

We provide a non-invasive and comprehensive thermal image moisture report before you buy. Most banks will request a thermal image moisture report before granting you a mortgage.  

If you need re-assurance that your new home doesn't have moisture, mould, or insulation isses then a pre-purchase moisture inspection will assist you in making an unemotional and informed decision. Getting this report could save you thousands down the line; repairs on leaky buildings are likely to be costly. It will educate you, the buyer, as to areas of potential concern for proper care and maintenance. 

The conclusive information from a moisture test can enable you to pay the right price for your potential investment. A detailed moisture test should be part of every home buyer’s evaluation of any potential home. 



Selling A Home? Give Your Buyers Confidence. 

Put the minds of potential buyers at ease and have a thermal image moisture report available at open homes. Not all houses leak and it is up to you to prove that yours doesn’t before you go to market. Protect your equity and maximise your potential buyers. 

A thermal image moisture report offers you a great marketing tool, giving you a competitive advantage over other homes on the market. This will assist you in selling your home faster and for the highest possible price. 

Our inspection will provide full disclosure as to the current integrity of the home and this knowledge gives potential buyers greater peace of mind. It could also give you the opportunity to address any issues that are found and make repairs to the property in advance. 

Having the time to evaluate, plan and remedy the situation according to your own schedule and budget will prevent any potential future delays that could arise if problems remain hidden. 

Being forced to have repairs carried out under pressure and with time constraints will be the most costly method.

General Home Maintenance Check For Peace Of Mind?

This service could save you money on your power bills and make your home healthier, warmer and more comfortable for you and your family. Excess moisture and humidity, missing insulation, mould growth and heat loss can be identified. It is important to do a ‘Home Health Check’ every few years because moisture intrusion can happen at any time and just because your house wasn’t leaking in the past, it doesn’t mean it is not now. 

Because signs and symptoms of moisture intrusion are not always visible, most homeowners are not aware that moisture intrusion is occurring until it has escalated to a large problem. 

Thermal image moisture testing is important because it identifies areas where moisture may be hidden in the walls at potentially early stages. If moisture intrusion is ignored it can lead to a range of problems that can be structurally damaging, costly to repair and in some instances detrimental to your health. 

If a moisture problem can be identified early enough, preventative measure can be taken to ensure it does not escalate. 

Our equipment enables us to see more than the naked eye without doing any damage to the building. It's what you can't see that matters most. Be proactive, look after your home and family; call us today for a free quote and a quick return on the report.


Worried About Your Level Of Insulation? 

It’s no secret that New Zealand homes are under insulated and have been for years. The government is doing a good job of rectifying this issue but how can you tell if your home has missing or damaged insulation? A thermal image report will be able to highlight missing or damaged insulation without putting holes in your walls or crawling around in your ceiling cavity, easily highlighting the areas that need to be addressed so you can get the maximum benefit from your chosen heat source (see pictures below highlighting missing insulation).

Insulation helps to maintain a healthy, warm and dry home. Having a home that is well insulated will mean you are kept warm in the winter, and you home will maintain its temperature for longer periods of time, greatly reducing your energy costs. There are many things that can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation in your home, such as water intrusion making insulation damp, insulation being moved during renovations or removing fittings, or insulation simply not being placed in areas that are hard to reach.

The problem is that as a homeowner the only way you can be sure that this is not happening in your home, is to climb up in the roof cavity and check for yourself. And even then, it is impossible to see right into the corners and check all areas in most houses. Using thermal imaging has removed the need for this and the results are fast, accurate and will make a big difference to maintaining heat and reducing energy costs in your home. Here are some great images of missing insulation in homes. The areas of missing insulation are shown as being warmer, this is where the ambient heat is escaping the room.



Noticing Signs Of Mould In Your Home? Take Action.

Mould in your home is a serious problem that affects many New Zealanders. Mould will thrive in cold damp places and unfortunately that is often our bedroom walls, ceilings, cupboards, floors, carpets and even clothing. It has been estimated that over one third of NZ households have mould in at least one room. Having mould in your home is harmful and can lead to many health and respiratory problems and is especially harmful to small children, people with allergies and elderly people. Before we understand how this affects us and how to stop this problem, it is best to understand how mould grows and the environments that it will thrive in.

The NZ climate provides the perfect conditions for the breeding of mould and other microbial organisms. All these organisms need to thrive is a humidity level of 70% and a nutrient base which can include timber, plasterboard, lining paper, carpets, clothing and many other building materials and common household items. Once the mould has become established in your home it will release harmful spores into the air. These spores are invisible but are constantly being released into the air from all types of mould. It is once these spores are inhaled by people breathing the air that it can be detrimental to your health.   

By having a moisture test conducted in your building we will quickly and non-invasively be able to point out areas of increased moisture. We will highlight areas where even though there is no mould now there may be in the future. Moisture testing is the first step towards creating a healthier home environment for your or your tenants. 



Building Warranty Due To Expire?

If you have bought a new home or had one built for you by a reputable builder / company then there is a good chance you will have a warranty with the home and or workmanship. This could be 12 months to 10 years. Regardless of what the time frame is, we believe that having a full thermal image moisture inspection done prior to when your building warranty is due to expire is a sensible thing to do. It could save you thousands in un-forecasted repairs.