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Meth Testing

Don’t move into a METH HOUSE! More than 40% of the properties tested by Meth Solutions are contaminated with meth. Meth labs operate in all suburbs, all over New Zealand. Approximately 200 were discovered by Police within Auckland from 2011-2012.    


A meth test will detect any amount of meth use within a building. The results will indicate whether the house has simply been exposed to minor use or for full scale production.


What kind of meth testing do we do?

Here at NZ Moisture Testing Ltd, all our inspectors are Certified Meth Samplers.

Our baseline service is composite/group sampling. This type of approach is used to test property where there is no reason to suspect meth contamination.

Eight samples per kit are taken by our Certified Sampler. These samples are then analysed by an independent laboratory.

Other providers’ infield/self-test kits can leave meth contamination undetected by not detecting lower levels, not taking enough samples, or samples not being sent to an independent laboratory to test results.

If you want to increase the likelihood of detecting any meth present; Don’t settle for anything less than our Meth Solutions Test!


Why bother to meth test?

  • Meth contamination is rarely visible.
  • Decontaminating a property can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Insurance cover for decontamination of newly acquired property is unlikely.
  • Loss of rental income while decontamination occurs.
  • Property with a meth history will typically sell below market rates. Are you paying too much?
  • Property contaminated with meth poses serious health risks. Are you willing to compromise the well-being of people living in your property?


The price of a test depends on the size of the building, how many kits we use and how urgent you need the results.

Services start from $129 + GST. Click HERE to send us your details and book a Meth Test today.